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Fairness Creams & Sunscreen Lotions

Vasa Cosmetics Private Limited has come out with a unique concept for international brands in which ingredients carefully chosen from nature are used transforming user’s skin care experience into a flourishing healthy crescendo. We welcome international buyers across world to Indulge in superiority of our premier Skin Creams.

Beauty Creams & Fairness Creams : Unique composition of nourishing elements & authentic extracts like Papaya, Aloe Vera to name a few that are renowned for tremendous skin benefits, carefully packaged in expert formulation to unmask the true complexion of elegant looking skin.

Sunscreen Creams : Specially designed SPF formulated creams significantly protect the skin from UV rays nurturing & moisturizing it.

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    Why Vasa Cosmetics

    Each brand forms its distinct identity with carefully selected best ingredients, impeccable packaging and diverse rich formulations constituting extra ordinary products with exceptional performance.

    Vasa Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. offers a superlative selection of classic jars, tubes, containers suitable for lotion, cream and gel products in optimal packaging material that empower creation of strong brands and build significant reputation internationally.

    We can also offer Multi-color printing that is done through offset technology. Products can be packed inside Duplex board Varnished or Laminated printed mono cartons.

    Type of Packaging : Classic selection of superior Bottles, Jars, Containers & Tubes – Multiple Customized options available

    Pack sizes : Numerous options available

    All our products are meant for international markets and we are a 100% Export Oriented organization.
    • cGMP compliant & FDA Registered factory
    • ISO 9001:2015 Certified & Contract OEM Manufacturing
    • OEM & ODM based orders are welcomed
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    Private Labeling Services

    We at “Vasa Cosmetics Private Limited” are one of the largest international market conglomerates with more than 720 different cosmetic products which are Researched, Developed, and Formulated together with its packaging development, labeling, designing which is all in-house. With an experience of more than 4 decades in the industry, put together with the vast product lines, we are one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of COSMETICS & TOILETRIES under comprehensive control & surveillance of our In-house Quality control & Quality assurance team.

    Every individual product line requires its own suitable and efficient infrastructure, with our vast products range and in order to adapt and cope-up to such varied product lines manufacturing, we cater to all our products in highly automated facilities best suited as per the product specifications & requirements.


    Does Vasa Cosmetics provide documented certifications for the products they formulate?

    1. BSE Certificates
    2. GMP Certificate
    3. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
    4. Certificate of Free Sale and Manufacture

    What manufacturing facilities are offered by Vasa Cosmetics?

    Vasa Cosmetics is an ISO 22716 certified cosmetic manufacturer with the facilities of:

    • Automatic tube filling machine
    • Automatic bottle filling line
    • Shrink wrapping machine
    • Bottle Labeling
    • Coding machine

    What are the formulation capabilities of Vasa Cosmetics?

    Vasa Cosmetics has experience of over a decade in cosmetic manufacturing. We have a huge potential and capabilities in formulating the products as per our client’s requirements. Some of our formulation capabilities are:

    • Over 3000 naturally-derived ingredients
    • Highly trained and experienced team of chemists
    • Best research labs
    • Stability tested formulation
    • Over 2000 fragrance options

    What regions does Vasa Cosmetics export its products to?

    Vasa Cosmetics exports its exceptional hair, beauty, and personal care products to markets across the Middle East, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.

    Can Vasa Cosmetics customize products for specific markets or brands?

    Yes, Vasa specializes in tailoring products to meet the unique needs and preferences of diverse markets and brands. Our OEM/ODM capabilities empower clients to create exclusive formulations, packaging, and branding.

    How does Vasa Cosmetics ensure product quality and safety?

    We adhere to stringent international quality standards, implementing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and utilizing premium ingredients. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety, efficacy, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Your own cosmetics product as a private label?

    We are one of the largest international market conglomerates with more than 720 cosmetic products which are Researched, Developed, and Formulated together with its packaging development all in-house.

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