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Should I Use in Winter Moisturizer?

Should I use moisturizer in the winter? That’s the question many people ask, because winter air is obviously different than the air of other seasons. In the summer, you know moisturizer with sunscreen is imperative in order to maintain healthy skin and prevent sun damage. But winter is another story. Or is it?

In the winter, the air is much drier due to the cold temperature and weather patterns. As a result, the skin dries out, and if left untreated, begins to flake or even crack. Cracked skin can be very painful, especially on the hands or feet. The flaky itchy skin is almost as uncomfortable and often results in skin damage due to scratching and the development of related rashes. Yet the simple use of moisturizer can prevent or relieve many of these problems. Skin care in winter requires different attention to your skin but it doesn’t mean necessary spending more time.

The question is: Should I use moisturizer in the winter? The answer is: Yes, you should. Moisturizer used once or twice a day can seal in skin moisture which prevents the skin from drying out. The drier your skin, the more intense the moisturizer should be. The thickest and most pore sealing moisturizers are the oil and cream based products. The cream contains ingredients, such as petroleum and glycerin that literally seal the skin so moisture can’t escape.

It really does not matter what kind of climate you live in either. Even milder climates experience drier winter air which can lead to skin problems. Whenever the moisture in the skin evaporates due to the condition of the air surrounding you, the body will draw upon water stored in the body. It’s much better to keep your skin moisturized on a daily basis, and in doing so, prevent additional water loss.

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