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Face skin care in winter season

Winters season is one of the most dangerous for your face skin. Your face suffers from biting wind, snow, frost and heating at home or work. Your facial skin becomes dry, sensitive and chapped. So, how can you protect and keep your skin healthy?

The most important thing is moisturizing!
When you are having a bath don’t forget to control waters temperature – it can’t be too hot and also avoid wash your face with hot water as well. Better prepare tepid or even cold water especially in the morning – it will awake your skin.

Don’t use water-based moisturizers, because it has a lot of water in it and that might cause a freezing on your face when you are outside. That’s why you should use oil-based moisturizer.

You should use scent free soaps and washes also avoid colored or antibacterial facial skin produce. All chemicals which add scents and color are the reason why our skin becomes dry.

For better results apply your moisturizing cream immediately after you have a wash and while skin is still damp. Use moisturizing face cream which includes lecithin and vitamins. Daily use nutritional face cream enriched vitamins, fruity acid.

But undoubtedly best way to hydrate your skin is drink plenty of water.

Don’t forget to protect your skin when you are out!
Many people are thinking sun is dangerous only in summer, but it’s not true! The snow reflects the sunlight so you must wear sunscreen. Remember, that sun ages your skin. Use moisturizer with SPF 15 or even SPF 30. Your makeup must be with sun protection too.

Also don’t forget protect your lips – it’s one of the most sensitive areas on your face during wintertime. If you want to have healthy not chapped lips, don’t lick and bite them!

To protect chapped lips in winter season, always wear lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen. Choose lip balm which includes propolis.

Pamper your facial skin whit mask. Once a week use moisturizing or nutritional masks. You can also check for our skin care products

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