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Shave Cream

Shaving Creams is an ideal combination of Soap Base in a Cream form. Its this combination needs an superlative and premium formulation to make it remain intact and Stable throughout its Shelve life,  at the same time work and feel effiecient on the Skin. Thus, this requires an highly competent and Efficiently worked Formulation to achieve and win Accolades of the final Consumer. This is what Our In House team of Chemists and Scientists have Achieved over the Years after constant and untiring efforts to develop more and more better.

Our shaving creams are manufactured under Loan Licence at the plant having advanced Vacuum process in keeping with International standards. They are available with a choice of Fragrances with or without menthol for that refreshing shave. We provide customized packaging and branding as per specifications provided by the customers. We can also offer Multi-colour printing that is done through offset technology. Products can be packed inside Duplex board Varnished or Laminated printed mono cartons.