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Private Label Cosmetics

At Vasa Cosmetics we have a seemingly unquenchable thirst for innovation and perfection and every product we get manufactured based with our Expertise on Research & Developement (R&D) of New Formulations and Products Quality Control and Quality Assurance By Our Long and Well Experienced In House Efficient Team,  is honed to resemble a masterpiece. As a result of the quest for excellence we have created a complete bank of products across all categories. That is to say we have at our disposal ready products in every segment – like skin creams and body lotions, Hair Creams, Serums and Hair Oils, Hair Gels, Petroleum Jelly, Toothpastes, Baby Care Products, Bathing Soaps, Turmeric Soaps etc. prepared; from formulations right down to packaging – private labeling

We also undertake private labeling to provide packaging and branding to the specifications of our customers. Packaging options include bottles, jars, cylinders, drum, tubes, pouches, sachets and cartons of every possible shape and size. Needless to say, our product bank is a veritable boon for customers requiring a complete product and branding solution at optimum time and cost. For Added Advantage we offer Products Designs Development also as we have In House our full pledged team of long and well experienced Designers who have ample Experience in the Designing and Advertising Agencies for decades in past.


Enter the market with products that are quite different with wide variety of private label cosmetics products like body lotions, skin creams, hair creams, hair oils, hair gels, petroleum jelly, baby oil, baby powder, baby shampoo & many more.

For developing your brand or private label products of skin care, hair care, baby care, oral care & personal care of products you can contact us.

Vasa Cosmetics has already established its presence in the market with a popular and fast moving range of products namely – Jasmin Magic.

Jasmin Magic is our brilliant constellation of personal grooming products. The comprehensive range includes hair oils and grooming creams, body creams, moisturizing creams, face and body scrub, depilatory cream, baby talc and roll-on deos and perfumes. The Jasmine Magic range is a common feature of every household across many Middle-Eastern countries, for no other reason but its superior quality and efficacy.