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Hair Care
10 Good Ideas How to Make Your Hair Look Young All the Time

1. How to restore your thin wisps their thickness.
Year after year timber of your hair looses its strength. All you can do in this moment is to strengthen your hair by using antiold shampoo, that contains regenium ingredient. It penetrates to hair fibre and gradually rebuilts it.

2. How to add to your dim hair some colour.
During this course the plant extracts are irreplaceable. Hiskibiskus deepen the cooper colour hair tint. Lime and flax refresh the blond hair curls, and the henna essence – brown hair. Plant essences you can find in special shampoos and conditioners.

3. How to refresh your matt curls with enzymatic peeling.
For wisps subdued with too many and too often used stylizing cosmetics layer to get their shiny look back, you need to execute flake endeavours. The active enzymes of papai contained in bonacure course will remove this needless surroundings.

4. You should irrigate your dry hair.
Dry wisps lose their flexibility and get old really fast. To complete water resourceces in hair timber you should at least once a week put special hair mask like for example Dove dry hair mask.

5. For tired wisps give special diet.
If you have noticed, that your hair have weaken after recently conducted trying to get thin course or lately sickness, necessarily feed them with special nutricosmetics. These are cosmetics in pills for sick hair.

6. Long, ruined hair – firm.
Ruined endings of your hair signals that they need intercellular cement, which gives your hair cohesion and smoothness. For example Vita-Ciment mask that works like lifting.

7. Protect your hair from sun by using spray with UV filter.
Hair are not less resistant on sunbeam than skin is. But because they react not exactly the same as the skin does, the results of sunburn you will notice a little bit later. It’s better to counteract it, when you still have time for it, by using for example Lifetex Sun Protection Conditioning by Wella.

8. By using kreatine smoothe too rough wisps.
Both dry and normal hair but also thin and delicate are particulary liable on demages. Conditioner with kreatine like for example Polleny Malwy will fiil cracks of your hair and fix them.

9. By doin massage stimulate your hair to grow up faster.
During one month your hair grow up about 12 mm. But if you want them to grow up faster and give them some energy make massage to your head during washing your hair. By doing this you will improve your skin and hair roots.

10. Take care of your curly hair look after permanent wave.
Usually after permanent wave your hair are really ruined. You need to use rich in aminoacids masks, like for example Pantene Amino Pro-V with tripled dose of this components.

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