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Skin Care
22nd Nov 2010Posted in: Our Blog, Skin Care 0

Our skins changes as we age and these changes are most noticeable on our faces. Changes in the skin can be seen as early as twenty-five, while expression wrinkles can become permanent as early as thirty. Over the age of forty, wrinkles can appear around the eyes and mouth. The skin also loses elasticity over […]

8th Nov 2010Posted in: Our Blog, Skin Care 0

Once thought of as an indicator of wisdom, today most of us do everything we can to avoid or get rid of wrinkles. Although there are some factors that we cannot control, there are some steps you can take to help protect your skin and prevent the onset of wrinkles. In this article, we’ll take […]

29th Oct 2010Posted in: Our Blog, Skin Care 0

Should I use moisturizer in the winter? That’s the question many people ask, because winter air is obviously different than the air of other seasons. In the summer, you know moisturizer with sunscreen is imperative in order to maintain healthy skin and prevent sun damage. But winter is another story. Or is it? In the […]

2nd Oct 2010Posted in: Our Blog, Skin Care 0

Winters season is one of the most dangerous for your face skin. Your face suffers from biting wind, snow, frost and heating at home or work. Your facial skin becomes dry, sensitive and chapped. So, how can you protect and keep your skin healthy? The most important thing is moisturizing! When you are having a […]

13th Sep 2010Posted in: Our Blog, Skin Care 0

Women especially love to take care of their skin. They purchase numerous beauty products they apply on their face day and night. A lot of women end up buying the wrong products for their skin type in hopes of having more beautiful skin. What they do not know is that certain ingredients react to your […]